How sponsoring a girl’s education is helping with my PTSD

2018, what a rough year. It has definitely earned the “Thank u, next” hit of Ariana Grande. 


Crashed car

Two weeks ago, I was in a multiple car crash, I thought I was going to die. God is good, and the two front seats of my Nissan March were untouched. The rest of the car was wrecked. The first edition of my book ended up in the road.


Books in the road

I am still struggling with the trauma. I dream about it, I have panic attacks while riding Uber, and I cry myself to sleep. I can still smell the blood, the ashes, the smoke, my burnt skin.


This Monday, at work I received an invitation from Save the Children México. I get a called from them and I get completely moved by the program #SinNiñezNoHayFuturo and how I could sponsor a little Mexican student. I ask if I can choose a girl, due to the country’s (and worldwide) education gap.


Today I received her picture and her name. I am so happy. Focusing my energy in a five-year-old education has helped me coped with my trauma. PTSD is not winning, it’s real, but also is being grateful, being generous, and being mindful. 


PTSD is NOT winning, it’s real, but also is being grateful, being generous, and being mindful.

I choose to focus on the good. I thank God and life for putting Justine in my path. I met her at a yoga retreat in India and we had an instant click. She has worked for Save the Children for more than a decade. I saw her work and I did not hesitate to join the foundation.

Save the children


Thank you to all. These are the silver linings of life.