When machines learn on their own

By Mónica Arreola

Technology is a strategic ally for human race. Even the simplest tasks for humans, like the classification of images, can have a “snowball” effect when computer science is involved.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning works with smart algorithms. A person can write the algorithms and then give the computer a series of logical steps. And, just like children and pups, machines can learn by doing. Different time frames for each direction will make machines to do processes in a more efficient way than the original program.

These techniques may reminiscence popular films, such as I, Robot or Space Odyssey where machines learn how to take control. Reality is much more concrete and focused. Machine Learning is used to select and classify huge amounts of data.

Researchers from Tec de Monterrey have been working in this subject for a few years. In the School of Engineering and Sciences they developed safety apps, wearable bands, and robots that teach autistic children about emotions. This year, they reached the second place on The RedICA Text-Image Matching Challenge.

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